Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day

We had a good first night. Hezekiah fed on and off from 9pm till around 1am but as he was in the bed next to me I could dose as he nursed and was not exhausted from it all. He then slept till 6 which was wonderful and meant that I was well rested in the morning. Hannah was up early and it did not take long for Hannah to ask if Hezekiah was awake. She was thrilled to come and have a little chat with him.
Nice to get a clear photo this morning of his sweet little face.
A friend called to ask if we would like her to take the younger girls to play centre this morning. What a blessing. Fun for them and a quieter house for us. And she dropped off this lovely pie for our dinner. Blessing upon blessing.
Hezekiah's skin is quite dry on his hands and feet so Brendon and Rachel put some more oil on him this morning.
Rachel also got some more cuddle time with him.
Maureen also came for a visit this morning. I am so very thankful for the wonderful, amazing care that I am receiving. To think that Maureen will be visiting almost every day this week and then visiting every week till he is 6 weeks old. And all of this incredible care does not even cost us a cent. I do feel so very blessed and I regularly thank the Lord for Maureen and the blessing of being in New Zealand.
The girls had a wonderful time at play centre. It's school holidays for the next 2 weeks and so all the dress up things get washed. Anna thought the girls might like to borrow these outfits for the holidays. What fun.
Our lion and tiger saying hi to their brother.

Hezekiah sleeps in this little bed in the lounge during the day. We want him to be used to the noise in this house. Patches decided she wanted a closer look. I quickly took a photo and then told her she was not allowed in there again. :-)

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