Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to work

Brendon went back to work today. It was wonderful having him home last week. The girls are great though and understand that when I am feeding I can't just get up and do something for them. It's also great that it's school holidays for the next two weeks which means no ballet or Guides to worry about. Another blessing is that the children's computer was fixed and back home last Thursday - Hannah is the one that had missed it the most. She is teaching herself the alphabet with the Letterland game and is also learning to recognise numbers from a preschool game. It amazes me to watch them learning so quickly.
Hezekiah will have 3 sisters to read to him. What a blessing. Hopefully they will be patient enough to read all the books about trucks and cars too. :-)
Last week Patches went to the vet to get speyed. Unfortunately the local vet is rebuilding and so we had to go to Amberley. They have a different way of stitching up and so poor Patches had to wear this cone for a week. She had already pulled one stitch out before she left the vet and so had a staple in. Later in the week the staple was looking so loose that she had to have that one taken out and 2 new ones put in (thankfully a friend could take Patches for us). Brendon had picked her up last Thursday and given me a lovely quiet morning at home. They picked up the computer then as well and enjoyed an ice cream at the Amberley "dairy".

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