Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 week

Sarah treated the girls to a few hours out today over lunch time as there was a function on with one of the local churches - they came home with ALL BLACK face painting. :-) While they were out Maureen had her visit. We weighed Hezekiah today and he was 3,86kg - so up by 130g. This is great as often they can drop from their birth weight and it can take a week to just get back to their starting point.
His skin was slightly yellow today from his neck up but he is becoming more wakeful which does help with the feeding. He got some lovely sun today (and a nice massage from Dad) and showed us how strong he is already. Oh - and please note that beautifully cut lawn. :-)
Steve and Josie also brought a number of meals this evening from ladies in the church that we visit in town. What a blessing.

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