Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a beautifully warm day yesterday (Saturday). Brendon made sure he got out nice and early to get the grass cut. He had his usual helper but this time Ruth's helpfulness had an effect on Rachel. While Brendon and Ruth were having a break Rachel went out and did some raking up. What a blessing.
We had friends coming over after lunch and so the girls decided to take their lunch down to "dragon tree" (the tree at that special spot at the end of the drive that I showed you last Sunday). Rachel specifically asked to get the wagon from the toy library on Friday so that she can give the younger girls a ride when they get tired of walking. They have also found a "short cut" through the fields. They just love going out together and have a wonderful time. The friends only arrived at 2:30 so they had a lovely long play out there today.
It's always amazing to see Ruth with Patches. I remember saying she used to wear Smokey as a scarf but I think Patches is even more willing to be moved into all funny positions. Can you believe she can sleep like that?
As it was such a beautiful warm day and we were all in summer clothes by the afternoon (yes, Ruth changed tops as she was just too hot with a long sleeve on) I asked that we all go outside to get a new family photo. The girls had a lovely time playing with Dad and we got a lovely photo too - including the 39 week tummy.
We had such a different day weather wise today (Sunday). It was raining in the morning, we had beautiful sunshine after lunch, hail in the afternoon and then snow in the evening. Welcome to spring where you just don't know what you will get.

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