Friday, September 30, 2011

Last week in September

Ruth has been playing netball a lot more recently and so Brendon moved the net down to it's lowest for her. We also suggested she use the light beach ball as her arms get tired from throwing the heavy one. She gets quite a few shots in. Perhaps we have a Silver Fern in the making. :-)
I just love how tolerant Patches is of all the positions Ruth puts her in. We need to organize to get Patches spayed soon as she is around 7 months old already and we don't want any other tom cats coming around and fighting with Tiger. It looks like she may get her op done next week.
With such longer days Brendon starts work earlier which means he gets home earlier. Afternoon tea time when he gets home and then it's a great time to get some work done in the garden.
The girls are always keen to help and so this week he got them to clean out the other boxes so that we can plant more pansies. The pansies have done so well - they went right through the snow and they are still looking really good.
With due date approaching we tried to see if we could get any of those lovely belly photos. This was our best effort. Any day now and we get to meet this little man.....
Ruth's hair has been well over due for tightening but I was aware of not wanting to put too much strain on my back in these last weeks of the pregnancy. This week I decided I may as well get some done and just make sure I stop before my back gets sore. You can see on the photo how much the hair has grown from July when it was last tightened. The braids on the right have now been done and the one in my hand shows the growth - a good inch of hair (the braid starts between my two fingers). I was quite pleased with what we got done but realize it is going to probably be a long process of just working through it all.
It's become a common sight this - our chooks walking around the garden.
And so lovely to watch these two playing together.
And finally a photo with Rachel in. :-) The girls have enjoyed Dad being home earlier in the afternoons. After work (in the garden) there is still time to play. And yes - the girls are all dressed to match with identical NZ T-shirts and their home made denim skirts.

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