Friday, August 5, 2011

Our week

It was lovely to attend Katie's 4th birthday party on Tuesday. What a beautiful cake Kerry! Katie was born just a couple of weeks before we arrived in New Zealand - so her birthday's will always be a reminder of how long we have been here and how wonderfully the Lord provided for us even before we arrived. I had made friends with Kerry on-line before we left SA and she is a dear dear friend who I thank the Lord for.
On Wednesday 2 (of 3) boxes of books arrived to the girls excitement. I had only ordered them a week ago from America - so I was very impressed with the speed of the delivery. The 3rd box arrived on Saturday (still very quick).
I ordered all 38 Christian Heroes Then and Now books as well as all 20 of the Heroes for Younger Readers which are lovely 32 page hard covered book with lovely colour illustrations and rhyming text. I got the Christian Heroes books for half the amount I would have to pay if I got them here in NZ - so I was very pleased with my find. The girls were THRILLED with the books and I know we will have many years of enjoyment out of them all.
The younger girls even got a load of enjoyment out of the packaging. :-) They weren't too thrilled about how much cleaning up there was afterwards. At least they got a very practical lesson about static electricity.
On Thursday we went to see a lady about a cake. She had made this cake for a raffle a few months back and has said she will make one for Rachel to raffle as part of her Jamboree fundraising. The cake is just so lovely with all the pigs and as it's going to be a chocolate mud cake I am sure it will taste wonderful too.
Rachel is so excited about it. It does take her some time to make all the pigs - so we will plan for the raffle to be drawn on the 17th of September. Hopefully we can sell a good number of tickets in the weeks leading up to the draw.
The week was quite busy with me doing Guides transport on Monday and having my Girl Guides town meeting on Tuesday as well as everything else - so we had not gotten much cleaning done in the week. Thankfully it's a smaller zone - the entrance. Rachel was excited about cleaning more windows though and the younger girls had fun cleaning the walls.

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