Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another week closer

It was again great having Maureen come for a visit on Monday. She started talking about getting things ready for the birth. She will most probably bring the birthing pool with her at her next visit. She had a look at taps and discussed the water pressure and temperature ect and so it makes me realize how little time is left.
I bought some bugs for baby's birthday cake and the girls have had so much fun playing with them all. We have put a few in the cupboard ready for the cake but the rest are being played with a lot. They don't even leave baby out of the playing and he kicked a few of them around on Wednesday evening much to the girls delight.
On Thursday Ruth and Rachel finally got their little pillows sewn up. The hand sewing had been put off (by me) and I finally just got them started. Ruth did an excellent job. She works so patiently and carefully. She really does love any kind of sewing.
On Friday morning Hannah very clearly wanted two pig tails for Music and Movement. With a little bit of water they get nice and curly and she had these lovely curls the whole day (they looked even nicer once they were dry).
After work Brendon and Rachel headed into town to pick up our new dishwasher. We had been given the old one and it was really old. The dial has been replaces a couple of times and Brendon finally decided it needed replacing. So the younger girls kept themselves busy including Ruth putting loads of elastics in her hair and them making bug blood soup.
So after breakfast on Saturday morning Brendon got the old dishwasher out and the cleaning began.
Rachel and Hannah played upstairs but Ruth just wanted to help. Eventually even inside the cupboard giving it a clean. And yes - this cupboard is far from the dish washer. My wonderful husband was so patient with me and helped me clean out and sort out so many cupboards. They have been bothering me for a while now but it was always just too big a job to even get started. It was great having him help me today and also help me to STOP. There are a few cupboards left to do - perhaps we will tackle them next weekend. :-)
In the evening we headed out to a birthday party. The girls got to dress up as if going to a ball which they really enjoyed. Such a pity I did not get a photo before we left.

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