Saturday, July 16, 2011

Out all day

Finally we have a fully snow capped mountain to look at. It's always so beautiful - especially with these lovely clear days.
Brendon is working again this weekend. He had swapped weekends when Rachel and I went up to Auckland - so only had 1 week off in between rather than 2. Before he was home from work though the girls and I were off to a party at the Loves. Rachel was actually the reason we were invited and I only have a photo of the younger two. The Loves had given us these dresses though and the girls were so pleased to be able to dress the same. :-)
Not long after we got home Brendon then headed out to take some friends from town rabbit hunting on the farm. They only got back at around 9:30 and then the men started cleaning the 2 rabbits and hare that they shot. They left the meat for us and so I was given some basic instructions and will be making rabbit and hare for the first time on Monday.

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