Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some books

No photos from today. The older girls had ballet practice again and Ruth is doing really well. Only 2 weeks left before their exams. She was able to do all her work today and not worry about her tummy - so that's great.
I had a Guide Meeting in town again tonight. When I left the meeting it was raining so I decided to change my shopping venue to the shop that has the undercover parking. As I normally get back well after 10pm I always suggest Brendon heads for bed. He is quite ready to sleep by 9 normally. But my wonderful man stayed up for me and helped me unpack the car.
What a blessing. He picked up almost all the packets in one go too - it would have taken me at least 4 trips to the car to bring it all in. It was great getting that extra bit of time to chat too. Tuesday afternoons are quiet busy when it's ballet and meeting.
The photos are of the books I have read to the girls recently. I have gotten out of the habit of reading to them - again - so must make the effort to get back to it. At least last week the little two had special time with the bible story. These books are more for Rachel (and a bit for Ruth). I just need to work out how to fit it all into the day. Often when I think it would be a nice time to read they are playing so happily together.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

What a honey...my strong man also empties the boot in one go! Hope Rachel has success with the competition; we look forward to hearing news!