Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rachel and competitions

Rachel really does get so excited about entering competitions. And not like the simple ones at the grocery store (even though I won a $50 voucher from the 4 square last week). The ones that stand out for me are "The Milky Bar Kid" where she learnt the script and acted it out for the "audition". The next was a trip to the final of "American Idols" where I had to submit a photo. The newest one is with Junior MasterChef where 12 children will win a trip to Auckland (with a parent), Hotel for the night and a MasterChef MasterClass with Anna Gare (one of the judges on Junior MasterChef). Rachel has so loved watching all the episodes of Junior MasterChef. It's been phenomenal to watch what these children, between the ages of 8 and 13, can do in the kitchen. Quite mind blowing. She enjoys watching the MasterClass too. She made her first white sauce the other day and asked if she could make the sweet and sour pork slow cooker meal today. So it really would be a lovely prize for her to win. She has entered 4 times with passwords that we got during the shows and she has entered 3 extra times with different photos of her in the kitchen. The competition ended today - so she is SOOOOO excited and hoping that one of her 7 entries will "win". The winners will be notified on Friday. So watch this space. ;-)

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