Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday in bed

I was just exhausted today so after a quiet start to the day I just went straight back to bed. It did not last too long though as I heard Hannah crying. She had fallen off her bike and had a big bump on her head. So while Rachel and Ruth went out to help Dad with the grass she lay on the couch with me and watched "Finding Nemo". At least I could rest and she got the comfort she needed - she was so sore.
It was amazing that the grass was dry so early on such a grey day. Brendon knew rain was expected this afternoon though - so he got out and made the most of the dry weather. Just as he was getting finished it started drizzling - just before lunch - well timed Brendon. Brendon made lunch for us all and then I headed back to bed. I have such an amazing husband and children. Brendon said the girls worked really hard this morning and did such a good job raking up the grass and leaves. I am so blessed.

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