Saturday, June 4, 2011

Down to go up

I had a really hard day today. Brendon brought my medication from the homeopath yesterday and so I had a dose last night. It's the same remedy as she has given me before but she had ordered a stronger dose for me. Although all the physical symptoms I had when I saw her last year have cleared up I have still been struggling emotionally at times. When I saw her the previous Friday I was actually amazed when she read out all the physical symptoms I was struggling with last year. They have all cleared up completely and so we are both very confident the remedy is the right one.

When she gave me the first dose last year she did mention that at times with homeopathic remedies the symptoms can get worse before they get better (something I was aware of). Thankfully this did not happen last year, but this time around it hit me bad. I was so terribly depressed today and the frustration just grew within me as my mind struggled to try and control my thinking and I just kept loosing the battle. The overwhelming guilt that I struggled so much with last year came back with fury. I even got a headache which is something I have not had for over 6 months. Granted - that could have been aggravated by all the crying I did today.

I wrote an e-mail to the homeopath as I could not even get two words out between the tears when I tried to talk about it - a phone conversation was NOT an option. She confirmed that yes, the higher dose could cause the symptoms to come back but that they should clear very quickly. So all I can do now is try get a good nights sleep.

NOTE: Writing this on Sunday morning I can share that I had a wonderful sleep last night. A solid 7 hours in a row. Something that has not happened for the last 4 months. No trips to the toilet and no tossing and turning. I also feel myself again this morning. Thank You Lord. So hopefully that down was just short lived and I can just keeping climbing up from here on.

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