Sunday, May 22, 2011

21 weeks and huge encouragement

Yip - 21 weeks already. Over half way now. I can't believe there is only just over 4 months to go. And yes - that tummy is already quite big. So it will be interesting to see how big it gets with this pregnancy. I still get quite a shock when I look at how big I got with Hannah. I am however putting more effort into this pregnancy to make sure that the tummy that is growing is only because of baby - and not because of too much sugar in my diet. It's been a bit frustrating the last few days though. I have avoided eating chocolate for at least the last 4 months (with only a little eaten at Easter) and the last few days I have craved it so much. I don't know if it's the cold that I have had - that there is something in the chocolate that I am needing. My midwife always says you need to listen to your body - so in proportion I have been LOVING Cadbury Mint Bubbly. Perhaps it's all the garlic I have been eating the last week that has made me enjoy the mint so much. ;-)
And here is a close up of the new hair do. I had it cut a week and a half ago and it's the first time I have ever worn a fringe. My hair naturally just goes up and back when it's short - so I have to actually make it go down in this style. So far I have only had positive comments about it and I have been surprised at how many people have noticed. So we will see how we go with having it cut regularly. I normally only have my hair cut every 4 to 6 months - so that will be a big change. :-)
I want to quickly make the note that it was only 3 when we left for town this morning.
The huge encouragement however has nothing to do with my hair. It's all about Ruth's hair actually. I had met Melissa on the day I was in town for my 19 week scan. I chatted to her about Ruth's hair and she suggested I bring her in so she can see it for herself and give me some advice.
So we arranged to meet after church this morning. What a blessing to have an African hairdresser say "wow - did you do that?!" about the braids I have put in Ruth's hair. She reminded me of my friend in Polokwane, Dorcas, who was from Kenya. She would often see Ruth's hair and say "did you do that?!" She was always so amazed at what I was able to do (without any instruction). I realized now how much I miss that encouragement. It's not quite the same when a European says "that looks so nice". They don't really know all that is involved or what it should really look like. So thank you Melissa - you encouraged me greatly.
I do know that the first photo is out of focus - I am having problems with my 18 month old camera. :( I did notice straight away so I took another photo. I include it though as it was just so amazing to see how they both had lovely toothy smiles in the first and then more quite smiles in the second shot. And both wearing orange and black. :-) Melissa is such a lovely lady and she had both Ruth and Hannah on her lap at one point. She is from Zimbabwe and her husband is from South Africa - so she was interested to chat to us about the possibilities of adoption from SA. How nice that we were able to encourage her as well.

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