Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring in Autumn?

Nicely tucked up together for a nap.
Spring cleaning that is. It all started with me wanting to get my bedroom ready for the new bed that will be arriving either tomorrow or on Thursday. We discussed moving the base into the girls room today so that on the day of the move it's only the mattress that needs to be moved out of the way. So Rachel and I decided to give it a try ourselves. We did not lift anything but managed to tip the mattress off the bed and with more tipping and pushing we got the base (and the light bookshelf that is a part of it) moved into the girls room. It also got me to finally sort out the clothes that had been on my bedroom floor. There were some things of the girls that I needed to sort through and then there was some of my new clothes. I did not have space for them in my cupboard so it was a perfect time to do a good sort.
Hannah especially
liked this one.
The recycling bags got filled up very quickly but I also put all the winter tops that I won't be able to wear this winter into a bag to be tucked away till next year. The younger girls were then more than happy to help vacuum the room and so when Brendon got home he had a nice surprise. I got a little scowl about moving the furniture but we reassured him that we did not strain at all and did not lift anything heavy.
 I was so busy with my sorting and cleaning today that I did not take photos other than the one of the cats. So I have decided to update you on some of the books I have been reading to the girls over the last few weeks.
Rachel's favourite was Mary on Horseback. She enjoyed it so much that I organized a copy of a biography of Mary's from the National Library which she is enjoying.
We all enjoyed A Grain of Rice and read it in one day. I was really impressed with Ruth's "re-telling" when Dad got home. She remember so many details that it really surprised me.
The Boxcar Children was a huge success with all the girls. They were so disappointed when it was finished.  Only when loading this photo did I see the little #1 on the book. Our local library has a few of the series which I have now ordered and I now the girls will be so excited when we pick them up.
These books are from the bag that we borrowed from our friends in Timaru. I am so thankful for the needed jump start in getting reading to the girls. It's been nice that most of the books appeal to all of the girls - even Hannah. Now I just need to get a start on all the wonderful science books they lent us. :-)

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