Monday, April 18, 2011

Not again!!!

We woke to a beautiful snow covered mountain. Unfortunately the day did not turn out as beautiful though. Recently Ruth has been fetching the eggs (2 of the chooks are already laying) and we only discovered today that she has not been closing the hen house door. She carried the two eggs in her two hands and was worried about putting them on the ground - so with hands full she couldn't lock their door. So even though Brendon locks their entrance every night - a ferret got in the unlocked door last night and killed one of our laying birds. We were all so upset again this morning by this. We are now down to just 4 chooks and are all feeling quite fed up with this pesky ferrets.
Since we got Patches we have been extra careful with the trap and so Brendon puts it up on the wood in the wood shed where Patches can't reach. We think the bait is a bit old though, so Brendon will put new bait in today and we hope to catch the pesky things soon. Enough already.
On a positive note - at least Tiger is being more and more tolerant of Patches. Whenever he is sleeping on the chair and Patches goes to sleep - we pop her up next to him. Hopefully soon he will actually start to enjoy her company rather than just tolerating it.

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