Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thinking about my Dad

Last night I was thinking about what would be good to eat after a week of not being well and not eating well. I instantly thought about my Dad and what he would be giving me to eat. Papaya. I remember so clearly when anyone was ill and not eating my Dad would buy Papaya and always say how full of goodness they are and how good they are for an upset tummy.
And then this morning I got a batch of Marrow Bread baking and the strong smell of cinnamon and nutmeg took me back to my Dad making his WONDERFUL pumpkin bread. So it's really been a day or two of much thinking about my Dad. Such special memories.
Last week the Sterns told us about the Marrow Bread that they make (when we asked them if they wanted some of our oversupply of marrows). I got the recipe from Josie last night and so made a batch this morning. It's a little bit like banana bread but Brendon says it's better. I added walnuts to half the batch and left them out of the other 2 loaves as I suspected Rachel would prefer it without. And as we still have a number of marrows left I think we will be making more loaves soon. Apparently they freeze really well so we have already got 2 loaves in the freezer but it looks like we may be stocking up. :-)
During the week Brendon was given a container of home-stewed apricots and so I had a try at making Apricot Crumble. We had it for desert after our bring and share meal this afternoon and there was much discussion as to what fruit it was. Some said it tasted like peaches and as they were a bit pink the South Africans immediately asked "is it guava"? It made Brendon and I think about his sisters Guava tart that she often made and we must make sure to put our order in for one when we visit SA. So after all the fruit discussion I think the desert was itself enjoyed. I had to hunt around for a recipe on-line and it was fun showing Rachel how to rub butter into flour to make a "crumb" consistency. So along with getting another potato bake done to add to dinner the oven was quite busy today. :-)

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