Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stubborn sow and boxes of biscuits

Hannah has been allowing me to put
pigtails in her hair. So cute.
Brendon had a rough day at work this morning with a very silly sow. Gilt actually as it was her first litter. She did not go into her nice warm strawed out hut but decided to farrow (give birth) along the fence of her paddock. It's crucial for the piglets to be kept inside the huts for at least the first 10 days so Brendon gave the sow some food (so she would be distracted) and carried all the piglets over to the hut. He did all the work he needed to do on them and then had the job of trying to call the gilt over to her piglets. She was just so stubborn and it took him ages to finally get her to figure out that the piglets were now INSIDE the hut (she heard them put kept looking around the outside of the hut). The weekend work in done by just one person - so on his own he had quite a job with her.
Guide Biscuit sales have been going really well and our ladies up in Hamner Springs sold out of their biscuits this morning. So we decided to rather head up there to try and sell the rest of our area's boxes. We had originally planned to do our local Show day next Saturday - but Brendon and I both feel it will be much easier to sell up in Hamner. The accommodation is sold out over the weekends as it's such a buzzing tourist attraction. So soon after Brendon got home and had lunch we headed off. Rachel did a wonderful job of selling for just over 2 hours (from 3-5pm) and sold over 6 boxes of biscuits. So in total she has sold (with a little help from Mum and Dad) 27 boxes or 440 packets which is $1,445 worth of biscuits. And that's in less than 2 weeks.

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