Sunday, January 30, 2011

New family photos

It was lovely to have the Spencer family come over for lunch today. It's been far to long since we have had them all here. And it was a good way of getting a new family photo for their prayer card (as the photo I have is so old the two youngest were not even born yet).

Although I took a photo of our family yesterday I decided to try again today (we had the kitchen as background yesterday).

We finished watching A Midsummer Night's dream today. I love watching Rachel enjoy different characters and scenes. A lovely conclusion to her Shakespeare study. She said she much preferred this to the short animation she watched and she managed to understand most of what they were saying.
After dinner Brendon made the small change that was needed on the top drawer and we got the rails all put on.
I was so pleased to be able to put some items up and in a safe place - even if it's not complete yet. I am sure it's going to look great. The idea is for Brendon to get it finished during his leave at the end of March. The biggest job will be varnishing it all - we have decided to go with a darker finish so that it matches the rest of the furniture (and appliances). It's quite exciting to see it taking shape.

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