Monday, January 31, 2011


I have finally got this preschool station set up for Ruth and I can see it's going to be very much enjoyed.
By Hannah too. When I get the time I will post more details onto Ruth's blog. It's great to finally get things properly started.
It was a little chilly this morning (you can see the girls have winter dresses on) and so we decided it would be fitting to have soup for lunch. Rachel had asked if we could have the letter pasta in, so they sat looking for different letters.
This afternoon I took Ruth to the hospital to see the surgeon for getting her umbilical hernia fixed. She is now on the waiting list and so we just wait to see when the op will take place. After that we got some shopping done and I was thrilled to find the shop had stock of Provita again. They are so popular that they are not even kept in the SA section but are right there along with the other crackers. There is nothing quite like a Provita with butter on as a quick snack. Yummmyyy.
On the way home we stopped by some friends to drop off some clothes and we got chatting about my midwife. She knew that I had Maureen with Hannah and I said it was a pity I had missed having her with this pregnancy as she had retired and moved into town last year. The friend told me that Maureen was still practicing though and so I phoned her when I got home. I had a lovely time chatting to Maureen and then we chatted about my care and she said she is still a "country midwife" and that she would love to be my midwife through this pregnancy. What a wonderful blessing. Thank you Lord.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Hey Belinda, your new family photo is really great!! Apart from the lovely composition, everyone smiling etc, it's really pinsharp and clear. Falls well on a photographer's eyes :)