Sunday, December 5, 2010

Work and a picnic

Just before lunch Brendon headed over to the farm to make sure all the pigs have food and water. The girls were all excited about going with him. So I got a few things done at home and had lunch ready when they walked in the door.

This afternoon we attended a farewell picnic for two couples in the area. The one couple being Maureen (my midwife) and her husband (the local policeman). They have both retired and will be moving into their house in town. They plan to fix it up and hope to possible be able to sell it and buy out here. That would be lovely. I have such fond memories of all the hours she spent with us through my pregnancy with Hannah, her birth and the weeks after her birth. She will be very missed in the community and I am one of many who hope we will see them back in the area one day soon.

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