Monday, December 6, 2010

A good day

The girls were very excited when I brought out these pages from a Nativity Preschool Pack I downloaded.

I was impressed with how diligent Hannah was. Once she had done the page she let me rub it out and she did it again with a different colour. Then again with a different colour. And she got better every time.
It's not uncommon to see my cup at the kettle/jug. I get my coffee ready, put the jug on and get busy with something else while it boils. And that's right after breakfast.
I generally only get to actually make the cup of coffee by morning tea time though. Not a bad thing - one less cup in the day and it means we have had a good productive morning too. :-)
While I am busy with some work on the computer Hannah will often join me upstairs and play happily on her own. Lately she has been sitting "reading". Today she read to Tiger.

Ruth had a really good practice session with me this morning. This is the first song from her new book. It's great that she is starting to relate her playing to reading music. For the video she watched her bow so that she could make sure it stayed on one string at a time. She is however able to play it quite well while looking at the music which is a great accomplishment for her.

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