Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swiming in November

After church (at home) this morning we got out into the garden. Brendon has been diligently making his way through getting all the lawn cut but still had some grass that needed to be picked up. Hannah enjoyed filling the chook's water trough.

We decided to let the chooks have a bit of a scratch around the garden while we were busy outside. They loved it.
Tiger came back from hunting sopping wet. He was well named as he really does not seem to mind being wet. He looks so funny though as he is normally so fluffy.
Brian and Julia gave us some lovely pumpkin plants yesterday, so we needed to get those planted as well as our tomato seedlings which are looking really good. And the lettuce seedlings on the right - which are not looking great but perhaps will do better in the garden.
After lunch Hannah had a nap and we started watching Amazing Grace. What a good film. Rachel is now inspired to learn to play Amazing Grace.
The heat was too much for Ruth though.
So once the movie was finished and the younger girls had finished their naps, we headed down to the swimming pool. Last year they installed solar panel heating, so they were able to open the pool earlier this year. We were hoping the water would be nice and warm and we were not disappointed. How lovely to have the water at 26. When it's 28 or over outside it's perfect to have the water just that little bit cooler.
It was wonderfully refreshing and great that we did not feel at all cold (which has happened previous years). The small pool had some leaks that are being fixed, so we all stayed in the big pool. I think this was great though as it got Ruth really enjoying jumping in and getting her head under. It still amazes me at the amount of swimming we have done in the last 3 years. It's far more than we got to swim through the 4 years in Polokwane. Then we only got to swim on the odd visit to Pretoria. S
o it's great to see how the regular time at the pool has helped Ruth get comfortable with the water. Rachel did not have that benefit in her first years and so still struggles with water on her face. But she will get through it.
Ruth and I made these Dark and White Chocolate puddings this evening which were enjoyed by all.

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