Monday, November 29, 2010

Pool again

It was over 30 today and so we headed down to the pool again to cool off. The pool was up to 28 which was great as it again was just cool enough to refresh us all but warm enough that we did not get cold and could swim for ages.

Hannah was a bit nervous about jumping in yesterday, but after watching all the fun Ruth was having she decided to give it a try.

Ruth is just loving our time at the pool. She is now even happy to go under when she jumps in. She is going to learn so much this year if the last two days are anything to go by.

Rachel also got inspired by Ruth and decided to jump in where it was a bit deeper so that she could get her head to go under. It's a good start for her - to be able to get this done after just our 2nd visit to the pool. It will be lovely to see how much she can get done on her own before the swim week in January.

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