Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play, play and play

Hannah told me she was getting married. What a lovely long train. Her inspiration comes from The Sound of Music. Even though they have not watched it in a while the wedding scene definitely sticks in their minds.

The First Noel. I was amazed at Rachel's violin practice today. On Tuesday the teacher had shown her how to do the rest of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and also shown her how you make the notes on each string in the same way. She suggested she just play around and see what other tunes she could come up with. While I worked with Ruth she went off to her bedroom to practice. When she came back this is what she played for me. I know it's not perfect (she specifically needs to get her 3rd finger closer to the 2nd and she knows that now) but I was amazed at how she worked this out on her own. Well done Rachel.
Then the girls all decided that they wanted to play recorder for a while. I love how the house is filled with music.
Since camp Ruth has not been having her afternoon naps (which is great because she is still getting up by 7:30am). So she is back to wanting different things to do in the afternoon while Hannah naps. She has been asking for new computer games and I found a couple of nice ones on TradeMe. This one arrived today and she had a great time.
I love how it is simple enough on the first level for Hannah to use but also challenging enough for Ruth to be learning a lot of new things (especially logic and reasoning skills).
Once Hannah woke up she had a go. It was funny to see Ruth being the teacher. This one that Hannah is busy with is a good example of how it starts them right from the basics. The missing piece is just attached to her mouse (she does not have to click to pick it up) and she just has to move the mouse into the right place for the piece to attach (she does not have to click to let it go). So it really is helping her to get used to moving the mouse.

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