Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frog Rock

Finally we get to walk up to the old Frog Rock Station.
This is "Frog Rock" in the Weka Pass
which we see every time we head to town.
Campbell and Buckland Family photo. Ruth got hidden behind Rachel's hat
though. I should have accepted the teasing and taken a second shot.
So beautiful to finally have a green countryside. What a lovely view.
Jason was happy to be heading
But then we headed over to another high point.

You need to walk on a very narrow path to get there.
Where Michelle is it just drops down on both sides.

Another stunning view from there though.
Picnic lunch. What beautiful weather. I even slept in summer pajamas last night.

I took Rachel to Brownies this afternoon. It was a combined "Indoor Campfire" with Brownies, Guides and Rangers. Rachel will hopefully get to post all the pictures on her blog. They had a great time.

This is where the children spend hours and hours today.
At 7:20pm it's still beautifully warm.
Finally getting ready for bed at 8pm. I love how the boys
instantly became older brothers to the younger girls.
The older ones stayed up till after 9. What a fun filled day.

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