Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Books to Chooks

I am pleased to say that after the rough start to yesterday I did get my Rachel back quiet quickly. One of her daily items is to read to her sisters. This has been such a special time for them. It's also wonderful to see Hannah finally able to sit still long enough for a long story like this. I love the concentration on their faces. Quite appropriate that the story I take a photo of is Queenie's Secret. Her secret is that there are so many things that you can enjoy if you are quiet (like reading, drawing, watching insects ect).
We have the whole set of these books (the Alpha-pets) and the girls have really enjoyed Rachel reading to them.
The girls were very excited about the Campbells coming to visit (arriving later tonight). Ruth and Hannah did a wonderful job helping me sort out the toy room and then Rachel and Ruth made the bed.
One of the computer games I bought for Ruth recently was an Early Science one. And although I loved the information that could be learnt, it was just not the age 3-7 that they suggested. Ruth was not able to play it on her own at all as everything needed to be read for her (and the games themselves were all similar and just too difficult to do). So I returned it and decided if I have to sit and read I may as well let her play on Rachel's Science Game. At least there are things Ruth can do on here that do not require any help. She had a great time on it today.
I had to laugh when I asked the girls to clean up the lounge. I spotted Ruth carrying a book over like this. She says she saw someone carrying something on their head on a movie once. So she decided to give it a try. It makes you think it must be in the genes. :-)
We have a clucky hen who will regularly be found on the nest, not interested in getting off and more than happy to be stroked. The birds are not very tame and so this is a special treat.

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