Saturday, October 23, 2010

Church Camp - Day 2

Rachel was very excited about spotting
these hot air balloons.
What a beautiful day.
The girls were up with the sun this morning at 6am, just as we expected. I am glad they all slept well though.
As soon as breakfast was done the girls head over to the trampoline. The mornings and evenings are cold, so it's winter clothes to start with but by lunch time almost everyone is in summer clothes.
After Hannah had a bit of time in her bed after lunch (she did not sleep but benefitted from the time alone) we headed down to the river. Ruth has been looking forward to this for weeks. The water was freezing though and so we spent most of our time on the sand banks. Even Ruth did not get as wet as last year.

An old tree on the walk to the river.

A very tired Hannah.
It must be the first time she has
ever fallen alseep on someone's lap.
Games for the children in the afternoon. The sacks were a bit big for Ruth though.
On our second attempt Rachel and I came second. Well done Rachel.
Next time we must just remember to wear shoes.
Ruth was a bit too small for the games so she went to help in the kitchen. She loved making the different jellies.

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