Friday, October 29, 2010

Better and not

Another good sleep and steady improvement with my foot. I am so thankful. Brendon started with a head cold yesterday though, so even though he is at work today he is hopefully able to really take it easy. A quiet weekend will be good for him. I felt up to taking the girls to Music and Movement this morning which they were really excited about. The standing afterwards did get my foot throbbing again but once we were home and could get ice on it felt much better.
Rachel however is not feeling great. She fell backwards on camp (pulling on a huge clump of grass that suddenly gave way) and has had a sore back and chest the whole week. It has gotten worse though and today she was just in so much pain that I decided to take her to town to see the doctor who helped her the last time she had the chest pain (also from a bump). I knew Rachel was really sore when she said she would rather miss Youth Group tonight and get to the doctor. The doc said she has strained all the muscles in her chest and so she rubbed her a bit (which was painful but helped) and then gave her arnica tablets which she is confident will be all that she needs. I will make sure I am always stocked up on the arnica so that I can start giving it straight away with situations like this.
Rachel and I had a great time together though. We had Burger King for dinner, picked up Ruth's puzzle (photo to come) and had so much time to just chat. The highlight for Rachel was that on the way home we stopped by friends who have said that Rachel can borrow their violin until she needs a full size one. So she is very excited about that. God is so good.

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