Monday, August 9, 2010

Lots of pink

Ruth had decided last night already that she wanted two pony tails this morning.
You look so pretty Ruth.
I had planned to take Ruth for her check up at the hospital this morning but as I was sick as well as the lady who was going to watch the other girls, Brendon said that he would take the day off and take her in. So Ruth enjoyed the extra time with Dad.
The doctor noticed that Ruth was dressed in pink and said that all the girls he had seen today were wearing pink. Ruth then said "I don't know if my panties are pink". Sweet thing.
One of the items they bought on their way home was a pink wig for Rachel. They have a Pink Star Challenge going at Brownies which is for Breast Cancer Awareness and so this term they have to wear pink accessories. Hopefully Rachel will be brave enough to wear her pink wig. The Brownie leader has a big curly pig wig - so that was her motivation for getting a wig herself. Ruth decided she would like to try it on though.

This afternoon I took Rachel to an extra ballet lesson. Her teacher has suggested that I bring her to this group on a Monday afternoon so that she can get some extra work to do. It is a way to travel (40 min and almost 50km) but I feel I can't give up the opportunity for free extra lessons. I was glad I could leave the little ones at home with Brendon today as it allowed me to get some videos. Rachel did so very well. She only just did her grade 2 exam and these girls are now starting on grade 4 work. So it really is a jump up but she coped amazingly well. And she had a great time. She got a little frustrated with herself near the end of the lesson when she could not get a dance right. It was a good opportunity to talk through it all on the way home. Up until now she has always been able to pick up the new things immediately. So it's nice for her to finally have some ballet work that actually needs work - that she can't just "get" straight away. Already I can see that these extra lessons will teach her so much. And not just about ballet. (In the video Rachel is on the left)

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