Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post and projects

Rachel got Nana's card ready last night and so headed off to the post box early this morning to get the photos sent off. Every few months Nana will tell us which photos she likes from the blog and we print those off for her (and others that we choose). She stocked us up with many packs of glossy photo paper, so it's always fun to choose photos for her. Rachel enjoys pretending she is riding her horse down to the post box. And it's so helpful to just put our flag up and get our outgoing post collected. Something I am sure the New Zealanders take for granted but we still feel it's "cool" (in Rachel's words).
I let the girls watch some TV after lunch (a real treat for them). I just loved how Smokey cuddles up with Ruth. She knows she is Ruth's cat and Tiger sure knows he is Rachel's cat.
Brendon phoned around 9 this morning to ask me to make an appointment with the doctor for him. His chest was so tight and sore. Thankfully the doc said his chest sounded clear but gave him an antibiotic and booked him off for today and tomorrow. He has not started the antibiotics yet (he will wait and see how he feels tomorrow). He really needs to take it easy though. So the most I would allow him to do was sit and read to Rachel while she worked on her bead cross stitch.
She was excited about starting to add beads to it today. She is working really neatly and carefully.

Ruth was excited about finishing off her leopard puppet today.

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