Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview and more to do

With Rachel so busy with her bead ornament Ruth also had a desire to sew something. So I pulled out this sewing kit and she quickly learnt how to do the stitch. She was thrilled to do some sewing and said she wants to make a puppet every day. She always gets so excited about new things.
Ruth also got some painting done this afternoon while the social worker was here for our interview. It was a lovely surprise to get everything discussed in just one meeting as it can often be two or three meetings. She was here for 3 hours, so we did get to talk through a load of things. She said that by Friday she will have drawn up her report and then her supervisor makes the final decision. We will then get a letter in the post to say that we have either been approved or not to adopt in New Zealand.
Brendon was off work today as he was really not feeling well last night and felt even worse this morning. So he slept the whole morning and was feeling slightly better this afternoon. It was good to be able to just take it really easy. We will see how things go tomorrow.

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