Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snow and bears

Again Rachel was so very excited to wake up it snowing. Again it was on and off and there was a bit of rain too - so only a small amount build up on the ground. She is still hoping for a good snowfall to be able to build a snow man.
Yesterday I had looked at our autumn place mats and thought that we must make winter ones. I had searched a few sites for ideas and information on making snow flakes and it ended up the perfect day to make them.
We are all very pleased with the results. It was too hard for Ruth and Hannah to help but Rachel did an excellent job of creating different patterns and making different cuts.

And we thought you would love to hear Hannah telling her favourite story. The Daddy bear upset about his porridge that has been tasted and then the baby bear whose chair is broken. I love the voices she puts on. Hannah you are just so sweet and we all love you so very much. Thanks for all the smiles.

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