Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big sisters are so much fun

It was a first for me today to ask Rachel to do a craft with the little ones. She had made Indian feather head bands at Brownies a couple of weeks ago and so I asked if she would help the younger girls make one each.
Helping Hannah stick her feathers in.

The finished products. Well done Rachel. They not only look great but you all worked really well together.
They also spent time this morning playing with play dough. This was Rachel's cake creation. These independent morning activities helped me to get so much house work done.
After lunch and before Hannah went off to her room we played a game to see how easy or hard it is to hear where a sound is coming from. First with both ears and then with only one ear. (Thanks Fiona for the idea.) The girls all loved being blindfolded and trying to guess where the music was coming from (and taking turns holding the music player). The first sense that we are focusing on with Ruth school work is hearing.

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