Saturday, June 12, 2010

The cooking of Mary Poppins

Rachel had an experiment which involved making popcorn so we sat and enjoyed a movie together while eating the results. We wanted a change though (although Hannah wanted Mary Poppins again) so we chose to watch some of the extras on the 2nd disk. Ruth just can't remember "The making of" and so for a week afterwards when we said we would put Mary Poppins on she would ask "is it the cooking of Mary Poppins". She is such a sweetie and brings many laughs to the family.
You can see Dad is clearly saying "cheese" for the photo but Ruth decided to say "pop corn" and got caught on the "o". :-)
I had realized a while back (thanks to Brendon telling me) that Mary and Maria (from the Sound of Music) are the same actress. It was really funny today though to get to know Dick van Dyke who plays Bert in Mary Poppins. I knew I recognized him from somewhere and when I looked it up on line I realized we saw him recently when we watched "Night at the museum". I really am terrible with actors names (and obviously faces too). This really confirmed it for me. :-)

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