Monday, June 28, 2010

Celery and sewing

This afternoon the whole family got involved in helping make a HUGE pot of soup. While Rachel was washing the celery Hannah asked for a piece. She gave her a small piece from the top and we were all so surprised to see her chomp away at the leaves even.
Once the leaves were finished on this one I suggested she rather get a thicker piece. She was quite pleased with how juicy it was and ate a whole stalk eventually. I know we will be hoping to grow celery again next year. :-)
We had bacon and eggs for lunch yesterday and today and I used the left over of the pack to add to the soup with some mince. We had the soup for dinner and the change from the normal vegetable only soup was really good. I think the bacon had more effect then the meat actually. Now I understand why people use bacon bones in their soup. Yummmmyyyyyy.
Once the soup was done Rachel got stuck into her sewing. She was so excited to have it almost finished in just two days.
Here I am working on one for Hannah. I still have to work out how to use the pieces I have left to make one for Ruth.
So very pleased. She still needs to fray the hem but she is very excited about the result.
Well done Rachel.

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