Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very puzzling

It has been really sweet to see Ruth getting puzzles out for Hannah. I had not thought of letting her try these ones as she was only getting the hang of the big 4 piece ones. These little ones can have 6 or more pieces and they are all strange shapes. She is loving them though and building them really well. So Ruth is making sure Hannah enjoys puzzles as much as she does. Hannah does want to do everything that Ruth does - so it's a foretaste for me of what will happen I am sure for years and years to come. You are such a good big sister Ruth.
Ruth decided to have her lunch at the top of the climbing frame (I did not see her climbing up) and unfortunately with bread in one hand slipped and landed with a bar between her legs. She was so sore. Poor girl. An hour later when she went for her nap she said she could not pee as it was too sore. I put a nappy on hoping she might pee while she slept. But when she woke up at 4 she had a dry nappy (she is normally dry after her nap) and although she tried again it was just too sore to go. I then phoned the nurse at the doctors rooms to find out what I should do. She said we were too late to send a sample off and that I must just give her lots of water. I think she was just thinking uti and not relating it to the accident. Well, we had Ruth in the bath - trying to help her pee with less pain but that did not work. While they were in the bath I gave her some cranberry juice in case it was a uti (and obviously Hannah wanted to join her sister). Eventually at 8pm (after 9 hours of that little bladder filling up and her not being able to relax and get to sleep) I phoned the Health line and they suggested rather getting her into a clinic in town. Just to make sure no damage had been done. Her tummy was already hurting from her bladder getting full and so I chatted to Ruth and told her that if she was not able to get any pee out then we would have to go to the doctor. She lay in the lounge with her night nappy on and after me encouraging her that once she starts the burning will get less, she pushed through the initial pain and emptied her very full bladder. Poor girl. It was so hard not knowing what to do for her and it was such a relief when she finally had relief.
(I was very thankful when she was able to go to the toilet the next morning with no pain. Thank you Lord for quick healing.)

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