Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally some rain!

Ruth was excited to go with Dad to the farm after lunch to make sure the pigs all have water and food. He has to do this check every 3 weeks and she was thrilled to be the one to go with him - even though it was cold and wet out. She got herself kitted out in warm clothes and was prepared for all the walking she would need to do. Brendon said she was really good and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I had to take a photo of precious Hannah - sleeping in her hat. She was thrilled with her "new" bed - new because the top bunk is now gone and so the ladder is no longer there to help keep her from falling out. She still has the small rain along the side which will hopefully be enough.
Rachel had sorting today as well. Her desk seems to just get more and more full until finally I say "enough" and she has to sort through it all. It's amazing that she can get so much to fit.
It has been raining the whole day today and we are so very thankful. It's been a dry autumn and the farmers are struggling as it's normally the season for growth before winter. Spring and autumn are really the only times they can grow feed as summer is too hot and dry and winter is too cold. So hopefully we will still get some warmer weather through the rest of May and June and some more rain so that things can at least get green for winter.
We also got the boxes and some extra straw onto the 2nd half of the vegetable garden yesterday - so the rain did a good job of soaking that through.

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