Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I fetched the girls this morning Lynn was telling me about how impressed she was with Ruth's drawings. While I was there Ruth drew this person for me. I really need to give her paper and pen more often.
Rachel also got her birthday present from Bob and Lynn (they could not make it to her birthday and we had not seen them since). They gave her this lovely drawing book that shows you how to draw. Rachel had started a drawing of a mermaid today and when I looked again this evening she had rubbed the whole thing out. I was so disappointed as it was looking really good. She obviously did not think so. I explained that her drawing book is for trying things. If she is not happy she can just leave it and start again. Then she will be able to see how she has changed it and improved.
I hope I can learn to encourage my girls more in their drawing. I don't naturally draw and so they don't get much natural stimulation from me. Today has really helped me see how important it is for me to put some extra effort into this with them.

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