Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rachel's Party

So I did not plan things well this week. I got ready to bake the cake on Thursday night only to find I did not have enough eggs. Our chooks have not been laying that well (it sounds like it's the same with many others in the area too) so I forget that we don't have a good supply and the 6 I needed were not available. So I bought eggs in town yesterday and baked the cake last night. We only got home after 8pm, so icing it was not an option. I got up at 5:30 and was on the go before 6. Eventually at 9:30 I got dressed so that I was not still in my pajamas when the guests arrived. I was however just finishing up when they did.
It's crazy to think that took 4 hours. I am sure the stress of doing in on the day makes things take longer. As you will notice there are no little flowers of icing - that was because the icing just would not stick onto the cake. At first it would not even get through the tip on my piping bag. So the icing was a real test of my patience today. I kept having to change my plan of what I was going to do. Thankfully Rachel was pleased with the final result.
Blessed with presents from her friends.
Small parties for this year. But these are Rachel's best friends so it was lovely to have them here. Layla lives in Christchurch - so we were especially thankful that they could make it.
All helping to blow out the candles.
Thank you Lord for a lovely day.

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