Friday, April 9, 2010

Adoption Training Day 1

Brendon and I spent the whole day in town at the first of the Adoption Training we have to go to in order to adopt in New Zealand. Yes, for those of you who did not hear about it last year, we are looking into adopting again. It can be a very long process here and so we felt we should get all the paperwork and legal requirements out of the way and then we can wait on the Lord and see if He has a plan for another child to join our family.
While we were in town we picked up Rachel's glasses. I took this photo on Saturday when I spotted her in the kitchen with the light looking so pretty (not to mention her pretty party dress). I know it may not be the best photo in terms of light but I really like it. You will understand why when you look at the next two photos.
I took these when we got home on Friday and they really made her so different. So perhaps that nerd look has nothing to do with the glasses but more to do with the lighting (and clothing). :-)

The girls spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Moss. They were so excited about it and had a lovely day. I had written Moss on Rachel's board at the beginning so she had that to look forward to - not to mention getting off school on her birthday. :-)

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Sophia Sinclair said...

We'll be praying for you guys as you enter the adoption process, I read the story of baby Ruth here on your blog and it brought tears to my eyes! May God guide you in what is to come!

- Sophia Sinclair