Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Veg and build

Brendon did some picking today. Anyone for a marrow?
Since building her HUGE tower with Dad on holiday Hannah is keen on building her blocks now too. She made a tower with every single block in the container. Ever one had to be put on one at a time and every had had to be included. It's so fun to watch how children learn and grow.
I was also relieved to see her doing things today as she got sick 3 times this morning and I was wondering how the day would turn out. Thankfully she slept in till 9 (making up for lost hours through the early morning). Something is still up though as she did not even want her milk at nap time and bed time (which I am actually really thankful for). We do pray this will pass soon.

Rachel was excited about getting back to ballet today but she has also gotten herself really stressed about the exam. It is only in June but because there is a 3 week break now she has gotten herself worked up. But for nothing. She is doing really well (even after 3 weeks break). I had my camera with today so that I could film each item. This way I can also know what is needed for each item. The teacher gave us a cd with the music and the notes, so Rachel will be doing a LOT of ballet practice over the next 3 weeks. I am sure the teacher is going to be very pleased after the holiday.

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