Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to school

Back to school at least for the little two. Hannah spent ages yesterday packing and repacking her box of little books. So today I got out all the wood puzzles we have for her to play with. She had played with them a little before but would get too frustrated at not being able to do it. Today however she has built and rebuilt all of them a number of times. So I know what I will be getting at the toy library on Friday.
The girls had apple for afternoon tea and I had to take a photo of them sitting in the kitchen together. It's so funny to watch how Ruth wants to copy Rachel and Hannah wants to copy Ruth. You are all very special.

We were very thankful to be back home today and not traveling in the gale force winds that were expected across the country today. It got even stronger a little later. This is the reason the girls are having afternoon tea inside and not out!
And Ruth got started on her school work today too. She received her next pack of work before we went away but I had not gotten to make up these animals before we left. So today she played with them a bit and chatted to Dad this evening about what different animals eat.

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