Saturday, March 6, 2010

North Island Day 8

The girls have loved riding the scooter down the hill. Rachel slowly built up her courage to go from the top. Ruth was happy to go with Dad from about half way but our daring Hannah went right from the top from go 1. On one of Hannah's turns her hands slipped off and as she tried to get her balance her one foot slipped off too. She had the presence of mind to keep her leg up (if she had allowed it to drop it could have been broken). So she balanced between Dad's legs on the way down (standing on one leg) and when they stopped she said "more" - this time with a little shake in her voice.

They built up quite a speed as they came down.
And a good old SA braai for lunch. Thanks Steven.
One adorable little monster.
And another adorable little monster getting tickled.

It was great to visit with Steven and get to meet the 3 younger children.

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