Monday, March 8, 2010

Calm beach

After Ruth and Hannah had had a nap we headed down to a beach Bernie had recommended. The girls were thrilled with this friendly dog who loved fetching his Frisbee. They were sad when he had to go.
Enjoying the shallow water and gentle waves.
I love this shot of Ruth and Hannah. And in the background you can see Rachel and Brendon. Seeing how far they could walk out.
Eventually the little two were out playing in the sand and the walkers where still going. You can see them there in the distance (my red circle showing where they are).
And it was still so shallow out there. A lovely place to come and paddle for sure.
The girls enjoyed the playground before we headed back. Ruth really enjoys the climbing walls at these parks. This one was really high as you can see in the background.
Quite ap-
propriate to have Hannah on the bike and Rachel on the horse.
So this is where we were today in relation to Saturday's walk. That is the Mount which we walked around. There is a big ocean liner to the right of the picture. We heard it's horn going off a few times. And again it was such a stunning day today. God has been so good to us on this holiday and the weather has been lovely.
A regular game that has been played the last few days is "tick-tack-toe" or
"noughts and crosses". A lovely one Bernie has with sheep and cows. Quite appropriate for New Zealand.
Finally a photo before we leave tomorrow.
Making sure I get a new family photo too. We had such a wonderful visit and we thank the Lord for the time we got to spend with them.

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