Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet food and swiming fun

The girls enjoyed making this pudding today. I had bought cream a little while ago with this in mind and now we have to use it before it gets to old (good excuse hey).
I made s special base for Ruth with some of her crushed gluten free biscuits. Check out Rachel's blog to see all that went into it. Rachel and I are both enjoying that she can do so much on her own now. She struggled to get the tin of caramel open but she kept trying and got it open. It's nice for her to know she can do it all totally on her own.
We had the pudding for afternoon tea when Dad got home and then we headed down to the pool... again.... :-)

Hannah started looking up and saying "sky". We realized this was what she wanted. And just like the jumping in yesterday she keeps asking for more and more. Eventually Dad had to stop because his arms were getting so tired.
I was really glad that my arm is doing so well that I was able to do a few lengths myself today. They are able to keep the pool at 25C and it was really lovely.
Hannah needed a potty stop just as we got onto our drive. So instead of buckling her up again she sat on Dad's lap and Ruth unbuckled and sat on mine. Dad then suggested Rachel open the sun roof and stand on the seat with her head out. So much fun from something so little. But this is what childhood memories are made of. Brendon allowed Hannah to steer on her own for some of the time and it got loads of laughs from Rachel as the car wobbled around on the drive. Hannah feels to drive you have to be moving your hands - even if just slightly. What's the fun in holding the steering wheel still. :-)

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