Thursday, February 4, 2010


The last few days Hannah has been waking up at 6:30 rather than 7. She comes up stairs and keeps herself busy which is great. I had to laugh though when I looked over and saw her sitting in the toy box. Very pleased with herself too I might add. :-)
When I got her dressed she spent quite a bit of time playing with Smokey. It's lovely to see how muck Smokey enjoys her.
Ruth slept in this morning. So eventually we headed in to help wake her up. Within seconds Hannah was up on the bed and Smokey followed. We had a good 15 minutes of fun here - all 6 of us. The girls each had a doll and Smokey was my "baby".
Later I looked out the kitchen window and from the look on Hannah's face I could see she had been up to something. She had decorated the bikes seats with mud. So she got the job of cleaning them. It's amazing how without having been told, they do know when something they do is wrong.
And just to make things clear. We have noticed over the last month how much smaller Smokey is compared to Tiger. This photo shows it really well. We had made an appointment for next week to get the kittens neuted. BUT we have cancelled the appointment for Smokey - because now that we have checked ourselves - we know that Smokey is a she. We had just gone on what we were told when we got them. So we are all having to learn to say she and not he. We have decided to not get her spade yet. We will allow the girls to enjoy having a cat have kittens once and then we will get her done (plus it's double the price for a female - so this way it spreads the cost out a bit).

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