Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 3 - New Chook area

Our landlords had said they would come by this morning with the tractor to move the chook shed. So before Brendon left for work (at 5:30am) we were out moving the chooks into this area. We needed some of the chicken mess from their old place for the gate and the section of fence right by the gate. The mesh we used for the rest of the area was too heavy and to bulky for these. So I was out early getting the chicken mesh attached.
The girls playing outside while we waited for the tractor.
First to move it out from under the tree.

Then they added some poles to the shorter forklift section of the tractor so that it went right under and they could pick the whole thing up.
Now the tricky part - getting it into the new area. Slowly going forward and breaking any branches that were in the way. Also making sure it did not fall off.
Then slowly changing angles so that it could be lowered. There was not that much space to work with so it was a little lower, tilt back, tractor moves forward and repeat.
Once the shed was on the ground the tractor needed to get out. There was just enough space to tip the shed over and get the tractor out. Then it was wiggle wiggle to get out. It was quite something to watch and realize how important those geometry principles can be in such practical things.

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