Monday, February 8, 2010

Girls growing up

Hannah loves this little beanie she found. So funny to see beanie and slippers with shorts and a t-shirt. Such a cutie.
Ruth was excited to have "gluten" bread for lunch today. I got her blood test results back and although we have managed to keep her Ferritin up (23ug/L - compared to the 6 it was when she was two) her Haemoglobin however is really low again (103g/L - it was 100 when she was two and we had gotten it up to 113 when she was three).
So we have decided to not continue with the gluten free (wheat free) diet as it does not seem to be helping keep her iron levels up. So we will focus more on what foods are put together. When she has iron rich foods we will try and include Vit C but also avoid all wholewheat and calcium (as they inhibit the absorption of iron).
Rachel made macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight (with Mum in the kitchen the whole time so she could check with me if she was not sure what to do). Her only struggle was the heavy pot. I helped with the oven because the dish was also a bit heavy for her. She is really enjoying getting all the practice in the kitchen. Although she does enjoy baking more than food prep - she is thrilled to do them both.
Ruth was very excited to receive her first lot of "school work" from the correspondence school. It came in this bag and she wanted to look through it all. I will load all the photos on the blog of all the fun she has been having.
Tickle time with Dad this evening. They were playing around and using each other as pillows and when Hannah heard pillow off she went to fetch hers.

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Fiona Macneil said...

That is the cutest photo ever of Hannah with a Beanie on, I see a strong resemblance to Rachel in those photos!