Sunday, February 7, 2010

Favorite venue

The girls are always pleased when church is at the Leithfield Beach hall as they get to play at the lovely play ground before and after church. Ruth was glad to get to see Nathan and Seth again.
Brendon did the teaching this morning and we were all very challenged by the Word and Paul's wonderful example of prayer. Brendon is working through Romans and will probably teach once a month. This was his second time and we looked at Rom 1:8-10.
For the first time ever Hannah stayed fully awake till we got home and got to sleep quickly. I always give her lunch while at church so that she is fed but most Sundays she gets a 5 min powder rest (not even closing her eyes) on the way home and then won't go to sleep for hours. So it was nice to have a more normal day with her today.

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