Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visitors day

Our first guests this morning were the Love girls who popped in for a quick visit while their Dad was busy in the area. It was great for them to get to visit with the kittens (we got the kittens from them).There was much excitement when Smoky was spotted sleeping in the Hammock. Such simple things can make children so happy. :D
The girls pretended they were all sisters (and grown up ones mind you), preparing food in the kitchen for all their families for a special Christmas eve dinner.
Then the Redepenning family came for a visit with 7 of their 8 children. So for a short time we had 14 children at the house.
It was wonderful to see so many different things being played with. We were very thankful for the good weather too which made that possible.
Although there was cloud about, when the sun shone through it was very hot. So 7 of the children found shelter in the girls tent.
After lunch they played some more. Hide and seek was a favorite and it was lovely to have all the children playing so happily together.
Ruth enjoying her first slice of her gluten free bread made in the new bread machine. Although it was not a wonderful loaf (one area was very dense) it was 100 times better than all the others I had made in the oven over the last year. So we are both very happy.
Ruth had said her head was feeling sore so we decided to take the 2 pony tails out and change it a bit to give the scalp a break. And look what I did!!!!!
My first unsuccessful hair do. At least according to me. She said she looked like a clown and when I asked if that was ok she said yes with a lovely laugh. So she may have this funny hair do for a couple of days. Within the next couple of weeks we will have to have a 5 hour session again and get a long lasting style in. But for now we are having some fun and trying different things. I sure am learning what does NOT work. :D

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